Tag – AVR

A long time ago I used to make my own double-sided PCBs at home using a fairly big tanning bed for exposing the PCBs. Hauling that thing around isn’t exactly convenient though, so I decided to make a small box to fulfill the same function instead.
A friend of mine got wedded recently and wanted his wedding party to have a setup with a big pushbutton that people could bash in order to take a picture of themselves. He asked me if I could design something bombproof that would survive the usual wedding party shenanigans.
I recently had to program quite a few microcontrollers and got annoyed at one hand having to both hold the PCB and use the keyboard to program a chip. Therefore, I decided to upgrade my programming pen, so that I could trigger programming with its build-in pushbutton. The solution I came up with was to add a tiny USB keyboard circuit to the pen’s interface.