Tag – Arduino

A long time ago I used to make my own double-sided PCBs at home using a fairly big tanning bed for exposing the PCBs. Hauling that thing around isn’t exactly convenient though, so I decided to make a small box to fulfill the same function instead.
A while ago, some people at work asked me to build them a couple of buttons to be used for a quiz. After some discussion, we agreed that a wireless system would be the most convenient. Building upon the Party Button design, this is the result.
Helping out with the design of a giant LED wall at my local hackerspace inspired me to put together something with RGB LED strips myself. After browsing the internet for some inspiration, I decided to build an Ambilight clone.
A few months back Texas Instruments unveiled their latest temperature sensor, the TMP006. The cool thing about it is that it’s a contactless IR sensor, meaning it can be used to measure the temperature of a location without physically touching it. Of course I wanted to find out how well this worked.